The Way Out Is Through is a multidisciplinary exhibition that addresses the shifting landscape of urban environments. Through video, interactive media, installation, performance, and sculpture by participating artists—Peggy Buth, Raquel Cepeda, Free Breakfast Program, Paloma McGregor, Akeema-Zane, Nicko Nogués, Kyla Marshell, Mark Salvatus, and Phan V.,—the exhibition asks what is the relationship between home and communities in flux. 

Organized by No Longer Empty (NLE)  -- The Curatorial Lab, a professional development program that gives emerging curators an opportunity to build upon their existing knowledge and gain first-hand experience and support in developing, staging and evaluating a site-responsive exhibition. 

My role in this exhibition was to design an exhibition booklet for the writers and poets involved. The goal was of this project was to give leave the audience with a literary "take-away" from this exhibition that encompassed the attitudes, interests, and emotions that dealt with our responses to the tensions between our home interiors, exteriors of public space, and the act of letting go. 

Curated by: Leticia Gutierrez, Ladi’Sasha Jones, Kirstin Kapustik, Zena Koo, John Kenneth Paranada, and Maurizzio Hector Pineda