How I Got Over

On View: Jan 13 - Feb 24, 2018
Transformer • 1404 P Street NW • Washington, DC 20005

How I Got Over recounts my personal recovery from traumatic events in my life. This body of work reflects the impact of trauma and visualizes what it means to become “whole” again while addressing the parallels between trauma recovery and painting as time based processes.

Continuing with my hard edge geometric abstract painting style, the shapes and color palette in How I Got Over recall specific phases and emotions to establish a consistent language throughout the series that is lively, varied, and imaginative while its undertones are of violence and trauma in an attempt to affirm my trauma and recovery process valid and deserving of space and recognition as a survivor.

Though the reality remains that trauma recovery is a constant “work in progress,” the possibility of reformation exists despite the negativity, powerlessness, and isolation associated with trauma. Through this body of work I intend to amplify the resilience and bravery of survivors while creating a space that normalizes the conversation around trauma, recovery and the space it occupies in our human existence.